Hi!  My name is Carl.  I own and operate Funny Mugz Photobooths.

Photo booths combine 3 passions of mine - photography, technology, and making people smile.
— Carl Gutierrez, Owner and Operator of Funny Mugz Photobooths

I started Funny Mugz after my wife and I had a blast using a photo booth at a friend's wedding.  I left that evening thinking "that would be a fun way to make some extra money".  It combines 3 passions of mine - photography, technology, and making people smile.  A few days later we were talking about how much fun it was using the photo booth when she said "I think that would be a fun way to make some extra money."  A few months later I had my first photo booth!

I wanted to know my photo booth inside and out so instead of buying a pre-made photo booth I decided to build it myself.  That gave me the freedom and flexibility to pick and choose all the components that make up a modern photo booth from the camera and lighting to the software and printer.  It was a lot of work to do it this way but I'm glad I took this approach.  It really gives me an advantage over some of the companies that use a turn-key photo booth since they will take much longer to become familiar with the equipment, software, and components that someone else chose.  If there's any type of problem I know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.  I don't have to dial up a support line hoping someone will answer.

 Building my own booth has also forced me to learn software that runs my booth really, really well.  Doing that has enabled me to find ways to customize several aspects of the photo booth experience, like the screens and print outs, so I can provide a truly personalized service for each and every client.  When I design a photo strip for a client I am able to provide something truly custom and unique to them.  Whether it's finding new ways to incorporate a branding message for a corporate client or figuring out how to tie in the choices a wedding couple have made with their wedding invitations, decor and theme, I always enjoy it when I send them a proof of their design and they reply with "that's perfect!" or "I love it!"

From the first time I talk to a potential client til the time I hand them a DVD of all their photo booth photos at the end of their event I enjoy every step.

Trust your special event to a professional who enjoys providing the best service possible.  Trust your special event to Funny Mugz Photobooths!